Back to School Specials
Back to School Specials

Terms and Conditions


1.1.1 The promotion runs from 09-31 January 2023 in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and United Kingdom.
1.1.2 The participants should ensure that they provide correct contact details when transacting.
1.1.3 The promotion is not open to Access Forex employees.
1.1.4 Access Forex retains the right to amend the terms and conditions of the promotion. Any changes made will be communicated through social media and our website.
1.1.5 Winners will be announced through social media platforms and calls.
1.1.6 Access Forex reserves the right to use the images of winners.

1.2 City to City within Zimbabwe

1.2.1 The promotion is limited to remitters transacting USD$50 or more, charges excluded.
1.2.2 The cash can be redeemed as remittances at any Access Forex pay out point.
1.2.3 The funds should be collected within 3 months.
1.2.4 The cash prize is redeemable in Zimbabwe only.
1.2.5 The more the transactions, the higher the chances of winning.

1.3 South Africa to Zimbabwe Remittances

1.3.1 The discounted rates are limited to remitters transacting R500 or more, charges excluded.

1.4 United Kingdom to Zimbabwe Remittances

1.4.1 The promotion is open to all remitters transacting from the UK to Zimbabwe.