Access Forex Promotion

The informal sector has fast become an important means of sustenance for many Zimbabwean families, with clothing retail, mobile device repairs, baking and automobile repair services among the most popular endeavours that people pursue.

Tsitsi Denga has made a name for herself as the best baker in Chitungwiza and takes orders using her WhatsApp business account. She travels into Harare almost every day to deliver mini cakes, muffins, and birthday cakes to her clients and says her client base extends to as far as Emerald Hill and Avondale. After experiencing severe losses after some customers defaulted on payment after she had already baked, Tsitsi now has a strict cash upfront policy. The cost of moving around to collect deposits and payments and the delivery cost takes a huge chunk out of her modest earnings and while she would like to formalize and dreams of owning her own bakery one day, the dream remained very distant, until she discovered Access Forex.

Tsitsi now uses Access Forex to receive money. Many entrepreneurs like Tsitsi now list Access Forex as their preferred channel to receive USD from people across the country. She collects the money sent at either Mr Also Supermarket by Makoni Centre or Medicure Pharmacy at Zengeza 2 in Chitungwiza and never has to wait in a queue. “I don’t have time to stand in queues, so I like the speedy service and there are several agents near my home, so I just go to the nearest one. I once had to go to Mbare to buy new baking trays and I just collected cash at their branch pa Mashwede Service Station and then went about my business.’’

As a salutation to business-minded people like Tsitsi, Access Forex has introduced the ‘Hustle with Access Forex’ promotion. In this promotion, entrepreneurs stand a chance to win twenty litres worth of fuel when they ask their clients to send them money using Access Forex. To kick off this promotion, Access Forex treated ZUPCO passengers travelling between Harare and Chitungwiza to free trips during its launch week. “There are ZUPCO buses with our branding on them and we wanted to show appreciation to those in business that are ‘hustling’ to make ends meet, to those that are small today but will be big tomorrow.’’