A beginners guide to sending money to Zimbabwe with Access Forex

Sending money home might be intimidating, especially for those who have just moved to the diaspora but in today’s connected world its easier and convenient than ever before. In this tutorial we’ll walk you through each step on how to send money to Zimbabwe from South Africa and the United Kingdom using the secure and simple Access Forex.

STEP 1:  Register

Download our mobile app by clicking the link https://app.accessforex.com. If you are in South Africa there is also a USSD code simply dial *134*3042# for free registration.

STEP 2:  Get Verified

To protect your information, you will be required to verify your identity by submitting your identification documents online by uploading a copy of any of the following documents; passport, licence, national ID, before sending money. This is done to comply with anti-money laundering scheme and to know our customers better.

STEP 3: Enter beneficiary details

Upon verification of your personal details, you enter the correct recipient’s details, including their full name, address, id number, contact information. All information entered should be clear and correct to avoid any errors. You then enter the amount you want to send along with the currency you are sending and the currency you want the recipient to receive.

STEP 4: Review and Confirm

Carefully review the transaction details, including the transfer amount, exchange rate, fees, and recipient information, to ensure everything is accurate. Access forex adheres to the RBZ transfer limits which cannot be exceeded. Once you’re satisfied, confirm the transaction to initiate the money transfer process. You’ll receive a notification message after the processing is complete.

STEP 5: South Africa Payments

For South African transactions, you create an order on the app by following the above steps and complete your payment at PEP, Ackermans, Kazang, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Usave or Shoprite.

STEP 6: Payment Notification

Once the transfer is completed, an automated sms is sent to the receiver which they will use for collection.

STEP 7: Collection

Access Forex has over 250 collection points across Zimbabwe. The beneficiary can collect at any location within their preferred area of radius. To collect the payment, the beneficiary needs to bring any one of their original national ID, license or valid passport, as well as their payment notification message for identification purposes.

STEP 8: Support

If you encounter any issues or have questions, you can contact our customer support who are readily available to assist on +263776302424.

Remember to prioritize security and reliability and always double-check the transaction details to avoid any errors.