In a world where being in business sometimes means moving mountains, Access Forex can make a difference by being the bridge that links an idea, with the means to make it happen. Entrepreneurs are very dear to the Access Forex business model, mainly because it was started by people with the exact same mindset.


Entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business, it is about overcoming hurdles and creating value in opportunities. The steepest hurdles that most entrepreneurs face is access to reliable and timely cash flow and access to funds coming into and out of their business ventures. Money transfers play an important role here by providing a seamless and efficient way for entrepreneurs to access their earnings.


Enock Mawere, a carpenter in the city of Bulawayo can attest to this. He receives orders from clients all over Zimbabwe via WhatsApp and after quoting them, asks them to send a deposit using Access Forex. He picks up the cash at the Access Forex parkade centre branch situated along fifth street and nineth avenue in Bulawayo which is just a stone throw from his workshop. He uses the same platform to order wood from Nyanga.


In the last year he has saved almost enough to purchase an edge-banding and wood lathe machine from South Africa and once he has the full amount, he will use Access Forex Zim2SA platform to send money to his cousin in Johannesburg who will purchase the machine on his behalf. His cousin Ephraim, has also been slowly investing in Enock’s business and uses the Access Forex mobile App in South Africa to send R1000 regularly to Enock in Zimbabwe. Together they have modernized their operations, increased stock purchases and reached new customers.


Enock’s story is one of many that have used the Access Forex remittances platforms in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the UK to succeed in business. By empowering entrepreneurs with the means to turn their dreams into reality, Access Forex is not just facilitating transactions; it’s building a legacy of empowerment that will endure for generations to come.