International Day of Family Remittances

International Remittance Day

It’s that time of year again when the world celebrates International Remittance Day, a day dedicated to acknowledging the impact of cross-border money transfers on economies and communities worldwide. Access Forex, a global money transfer company, is proud to celebrate this day and the vital role that remittances play in transforming lives for millions of people.

At Access Forex, we understand that sending money abroad can be a daunting and expensive experience. That’s why our mission has always been to provide a simple, efficient, and cost-effective way for customers to send money from the diaspora and within Zimbabwe. Our platform provides a fast and reliable way to transfer money between countries and cities, helping maintain their relationships and strengthen bonds. We offer competitive rates, no hidden fees, and a user-friendly online platform accessible from anywhere and at any time.

International Remittance Day is an essential day for Access Forex as it helps us to reflect on the impact we’ve been making on the world, one transaction at a time. Remittances mean different things to different people. “From putting food on the table to providing access to education and healthcare, remittances have been a lifeline for families around the world. Access Forex has made it easy for people living and working in the diaspora to connect with their families back home.

As we celebrate International Remittance Day, we would like to recognize the significant milestones that we have achieved in the past years, including expanding our network coverage and optimizing our delivery channels. We have prioritized the customer experience by simplifying our processes ensuring that we have collection points in every village of each province across the nation.
The RBZ Governor Dr. John Mangudya stated in his 2023 Monetary Policy Statement that the growth in diaspora remittances by 14% to US$1.66 billion in 2022 contributed to enhanced revenue for our country through legitimate channels.

The impact of remittances cannot be overstated – Access Forex appreciates the confidence placed in us by every one of our clients. We cordially encourage you to use our services and assist us in spreading the word about our dependable and affordable money transfer options. Let us continue to connect individuals and communities worldwide through our services.

#Family Remittances
Access Forex bringing you closer to home.

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2022 Graduate Programme

2022 Graduate Programme

The Access Finance International Group invites applications from dynamic and super-driven graduates to join its exciting graduate programme over a period of 24 months. If you pride yourself in customer-orientedness, integrity, innovation, teamwork, and execution, then check the programme requirements below;


To be considered, candidates must possess the following minimum qualifications and traits:

1. A first degree from a reputable university, passed at upper second level or better.
2. ‘A’ level passes in at least 2 subjects at B or better.
3. ‘O’ Level passes in Mathematics and English at B or better.
4. Excellent computer literacy and proficiency in Ms Word and Ms Excel
5. An incisive, analytical mind coupled with relentless ambition, energy, and passion for learning and excellence. Candidates must be highly competitive team players.
6. Candidates must be aged 26 years and below.

Application procedure:

Send a motivational letter clearly headed “Graduate Programme”, attaching a detailed curriculum vitae, copies of educational and professional certificates, transcripts and birth certificate to

Applications must be received by Monday 20 June 2022.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

2022 Graduate Programme


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Access Forex Mobile App

New Access Forex App takes the sting out of sending money home.

Join the DIY revolution!

Ever wanted to send money to a loved one but unsure where they could collect it? or wanted to find out how much it will cost before you got to the agent? All that and more is now possible with the newly launched Access Forex Money Transfer mobile app which can be used in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.

You need only 30MB to download the app from either Google Play or the App Store and once on your phone, it uses relatively little data.

Download here
Access Forex Mobile App
Access Forex mobile app for Android
Access Forex mobile app for iOS
Access Forex mobile app for iOS




At a private launch event for the new app, Access Forex Head of Marketing, Shingai J Koti, described the convenience of the new app, “the hardest thing about sending money is often the long tedious queues but this is now a thing of the past if you send using Access Forex. In a few easy steps, you can register, add recipients and initiate a payment all while sitting at home or where you work. For those who don’t have a bank account linked to online payments, a visit to a PEP or Ackermans store in South Africa or any one of over 200 agents in Zimbabwe will be needed to pay-in the hard cash.

The SA-based former Generations-The Legacy actress and director, Chi Mhende, demonstrated just how easy it was when she used the app to send money to her Zimbabwe-based fashion designer during the NAMAs last week.

Access Forex has incorporated a unique tracking feature that allows one to monitor the remittance right up to the point your receiver collects the money and you the sender gets an SMS notification. The app also features transaction reports, pending transactions, the ability to change, add, and remove beneficiary names, and a direct link to the 24hr support team. According to Access Forex, this app puts the movement of money back in the hands and control of the sender and is a DIY revolution when it comes to the remittance space.

“We have been waiting a long time to release this app because we wanted it to truly change the way our clients view remittances. Money transfers are often referred to as grudge purchases because of how tedious the process can be, especially when added to the existing pressure of taking care of a family from the diaspora. The app takes the sting out of the remittance process”, added Koti.

Early last year the money transfer company launched a KYC Lite registration process for the UK, giving senders the ability to register with just a cellphone number. This product was ideal for those who were just starting to send money home and did not perhaps want to bother with the paperwork for full registration. Using the app, one can now upgrade to the next package with higher limits by simply attaching the requested documents. All this can happen in the comfort of your home or place of work.

Even though the app is DIY-ready, there is still a support team waiting to assist. Mobile app users can select a communication channel that best suits them to reach the support team. If you are in a no-noise environment, you can even select a live webchat with one of the agents. Why wait?, download the app and join other DIYers enjoying stress-free sending.

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USSD *134*3042#

Introducing paperless remitting for South Africa

USSD *134*3042#

30.11.2021. The launch of a new USSD based remittance service for clients in South Africa by Access Forex could not be better timed.

Christmas time is when many Zimbabweans living in South Africa go home to spend time with their loved ones, usually returning to South Africa just after New Years to resume work and fend for their families. Following the detection of the Omicron variant, Ndumiso Chuma, like many other Zimbabweans is weighing up his options; “I work as a gardener in Wynberg, and my biggest fear is that if they decide to do a lockdown, I won’t be able to go back to Cape town and then what happens to my son’s school fees needed in January? I can’t risk it, better to stay.”

Using *134*3042#, it is now possible to send money to Zimbabwe from a cellphone. All you need is a South African line and network. The USSD uses zero data.

You can register, select beneficiaries, and initiate the transaction all without leaving your home or place of work. For those without bank accounts yet, the USSD allows them to complete the transaction by paying in the cash amount at any PEP, Shoprite, Game, USave, House & Home, Ackermans, Checkers, PicknPay, SPAR, Boxers or Makro. It makes remittance completely paperless and works with any type of handset. Effectively this means that you avoid queues and paperwork normally associated with cash pay-ins. The system will generate a code known as an SCode, and you simply proceed with this to any of the partner stores, submit the SCode to a teller there, together with the cash amount and your receiver gets their money in Zimbabwe, instantly.

To this end, the new channel of distribution will be launched today in a bid to make remittance products and services available and affordable to a larger number of Zimbabweans living anywhere in South Africa.

The head of sales & marketing for Access Forex, Shingai J. Koti, explained that the technological addition from the company is geared towards enhancing customers’ experience and ease of remittance transactions under the stable of Access Forex. She further added that the company will constantly look for ways in delighting its customers both in the diaspora and at home.

#omicron #PEP #Shoprite #Game, #USave, #House & Home, #Ackermans, #Checkers, #Pick nPay, #SPAR, #Boxers or #Makro #christmas #zimbabwe #diaspora #remittances

For more information call the Access Forex Call Centre +27678352591

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Christmas On Access Forex

It’s a Mheee-rry Christmas with Access Forex

As far as Access Forex is concerned, this festive season is a G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time). This is a huge claim for a fluffy animal, but Access Forex has positioned this little 4-legged creature to “change the way we Christmas”.
Through an exciting new Campaign it has called “Mheee-rry Christmas”. Clients sending $30 or more with the well-known money transfer company stand a chance to win a live goat. While Access is encouraging winners to feast and have a braai, this promotion also presents a very clear opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial spirit.
“Many of our clients have families who depend on them not just for a Christmas feast but also the school fees and bills that follow in January, so this promotion means that if you plan your remittances well, your family will have a sustainable way of taking care of themselves and supplementing the hard-earned money sent from the diaspora”, said Access Forex Head of Sales & Marketing, Shingai Koti.

The demand for goat meat is increasing. People want to try a different type of meat other than beef, chicken or pork. Since goats eat a variety of foods, they are easy to keep and are very profitable. The feed costs for goats are also low. All you need to start a goat business is land, reliable source of clean water and good housing with proper ventilation. The local market for goats has grown considerable. One can supply goat meat goats to companies, individuals, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, abattoirs and butcheries. As a country Zimbabwe is not yet producing enough goats that fully utilise the export market. Apart from the local market one can also export goats to other countries such as United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Angola and Kuwait.
The Access Forex promotion is running for clients in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the UK from the 15th of November 2021 to the 31st of December 2021 with winners announced weekly. The more one sends, the more chances of winning.
Whether you win one GOAT or several, Access Forex has you covered this festive season, and beyond.

Click here to view the Ts & Cs

Festive Season Promotion Terms & Conditions

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Access Forex loyalty club

Access Forex unveils cash back loyalty club for the UK

Top 150 receive free points

Zimbabwean headquartered money transfer and remittance company, Access Forex has launched a loyalty club for the UK. Within a year, clients sending money from the UK to Zimbabwe can get up to £60 (USD 85) of their money back.

This loyalty program is like many others, in the sense that customers can earn points with each transfer. Access Forex’s Loyalty Club is wholly unique, however, in its attitude and understanding of exactly who its customers are. This club is for people who want to get the most out of every Pound they earn. Clients can redeem points on their next transaction or even cash out when they move from one level to the next. The club will also give members access to free investment and retirement advisory services. The brochure for the program also mentions that there are “surprises” in-store when clients move up the various levels.

“For a company as young as we are to be launching a loyalty program says a lot about how passionate and reliable our clients have been from the beginning.  We wanted to reward that.” Said Richard Stocks, UK country manager. “The program’s tagline ‘Sharing is Caring’ is meant to make members know that we understand how much they sacrifice to send money home and we want to share that responsibility. Any savings we are enjoying by them giving us repeat business, we pass on to our clients. It’s a double bonus for them because we are really rewarding them for something they are doing already.”

The rules of the program are simple, clients earn 10 points every time they send money to Zimbabwe. For every 100 points, customers will receive a cashback of between £3 and £10 and a small gift. The program also has holiday and birthday rewards for customers throughout the life of their membership.

 Access Forex will alert the member to points and rewards through a concierge service operating out of its Customer Call Centre. No need to keep checking to see which level you are on and how many points you have. A statement will be sent to you each month.

 The loyalty club is largely driven by customer feedback, which included analysis of remittance trends and calls to the remittance company’s customer service line, explained head of sales & marketing, Shingai J Koti. “A lot of what we’re working for is to create a personalized experience,” she added.

 To celebrate the launch of the Loyalty Club, 150 of Access Forex’s most loyal customers have been given 100 free points to enjoy.

 The launch of this club follows the ‘Breakfast on Us’ campaign which the company launched at the beginning of the month where it will give over 50000 loaves of bread to beneficiaries of clients transacting with Access Forex for the first time. These initiatives are a sign of things to come for Access Forex customers as the money transfer company continues to disrupt the market.

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Access Forex UK

Access Forex treats UK clients to a free breakfast to celebrate easier sending platform.

Access Forex UK
Access Forex treats UK clients to a free breakfast to celebrate easier sending platform.

As the UK gets ready to lift lockdown restrictions later this month, homegrown and run international money transfer company, Access Forex is preparing to deliver over 50,000 loaves of bread to the families of its large UK client base as it promotes usage of its easier new platform.


Starting this week, any new client who registers and sends money to Zimbabwe using the remittance platform will immediately receive 10 loaves of bread with the transaction. The company says the bread for breakfast will be delivered right to the doorstep of the receiver of the funds. Existing clients will receive free points worth up to £10 in the loyalty program that will be introduced at the same time.


This campaign will be run off an entirely new digital platform that the fintech launched this month. The new system is as close to zero KYC as any money transfer company has gotten with no need for an ID or address if you are sending £500 per transaction, £1,000 per month or £12,000 per annum. On most other money sending systems, remitters need to enter their information before making a transfer which leaves some sceptical about data protection. Access Forex says their new system is more secure and confidential information is only required when you are ready to make a transfer. You can calculate the rates and window-shop anonymously. “We are not worried about customers window-shopping and comparing prices because we are the cheapest and we actually encourage the comparison. Customers will see for themselves that when they add everything up, Access Forex offers the cheapest service to send money to Zimbabwe from the UK. You send more, for less”, explained Head of Sales & Marketing for Access Forex, Shingai Koti.


“Winter is traditionally also a very difficult time for many families in Zimbabwe and with this campaign we wanted to reward the people that look after their families from abroad” said Koti. “Some of our customers in the UK send money to supplement consumption and help with basic groceries. However, the UK lockdown has negatively affected income for many Zimbabweans working there, so we began to think about how we could help ease the burden of taking care of their families back home. The only way to ease the burden is to share it, so breakfast is on Access Forex this June,” explained Koti. 

Zimbabwe-focused money transfer firms have seen a boom despite predictions from the World Bank of a historic 20% drop to $445 billion in remittances to poorer countries this year due to the pandemic-induced economic slump worldwide.


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Zim remittances surge as women remitters lead the pack

53% of people sending money with us are women


As formal remittances into Zimbabwe surged 58 percent in 2020 to a record $1 billion, data from a local think tank has unveiled that women remitters are leading the pack. 

According to a United Nations Women (UN Women) survey, analyzing the relationship between gender and remittances, migrant women workers have been leading the pack in sending money back home to loved ones.  

The research showed that while women tended to rely more on in-person cash transfer services in the past, the tide had turned with migrant workers now preferring formal channels for security. 

“The research found that, while women typically earn less than men and pay more in transfer fees, the average remittance amounts they send are the same as or even greater than those of men, implying that they tend to remit a larger portion of their earnings than do men,” the UN Women paper said. 

In Zimbabwe’s case, the survey also highlighted that the emergence of new players in the remittance play like Access Forex, Senditoo, and the traditional ones like World Remit and Mukuru had made it easier for women remitters to send money back home. 

Access Forex’s spokesperson Shingai Koti said the increase in trust by women was not alarming as the remittances firm, which services the United Kingdom and South Africa corridors, and others had put in place measures to stimulate remittances from the previously marginalized. 

“On our books, women make up 50 percent of the remitters and this is a huge step especially as we commemorate International Women’s Day. 

“It shows that emancipation and financial inclusion is finally reaching the previously marginalized and as a business, we continue to promote this through our wide distribution network around Zimbabwe also allowing women to send money locally,” Koti said. 

Koti said the trend was anticipated to surge further in the future on the back of sectorial liberalisation efforts by the central bank and the company’s efforts to promote financial inclusion. 

“In South Africa alone, 52 percent of our books is made up of women. This is a pattern we intend to maintain in the future as we grow as a business. We want to ensure that all our customers find a secure way to send money back home,” the Access Forex spokesperson said.  

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s diaspora remittances increased by 58 percent to US$1 billion last year surpassing US$635,7 million realised in 2019. 

In 2020, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe had projected that diaspora remittances would close the year at US$940 million. 

In his 2021 Monetary Policy Statement last month, RBZ Governor Dr John Mangudya attributed the improvement in Diaspora remittances to the liberalisation of the use of free funds in the country and improved channelling of remittances through formal channels.



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Access Forex brings cheer to cancer patients

Access Forex brings cheer to cancer patients

HARARE – October 24, 2020 – REMITTANCES firm, Access Forex, last week gave out food hampers to cancer patients at Parirenyatwa Hospital’s Radiotherapy Centre as part of efforts to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

A patient being treated for breast cancer, said she appreciated the gesture as it would take pressure off her finances.

“This could not have come at a better time. Social Welfare and well-wishers have been assisting us, but the financial strain remains. Such gestures help relieve financial pressure to create more space to cater for hospital bills,” she said.

Speaking at the hand-over ceremony, Access Forex’s Business Development Manager Mildret Kujinga said the donation was from the company’s “Feed A Million” campaign which the company has set funds aside to give back to the community.

“We are overjoyed to be here today sharing this gift with you. This gift would not have been possible without our customers who transact with us here at home, in South Africa and in the United Kingdom. We really appreciate them. Please keep sending money so that we can give to the community,” she said.

Head of Public Relations at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals Linos Dhire said the Radiotherapy Centre needed new machines as the current ones are now antiquated.

“We really appreciate corporates who remember our patients. This gesture will go a long way. The main machine we have in the department was not working so this is costly to human lives at times,” Dhire said.

A local financial services firm has contributed US$200 000 for food relief efforts targeted at militating against the impact of the coronavirus.

In April, Access Forex gave out US$200 000 towards COVID-19 relief efforts with the funds drawn down from that the “Feed-A-Million” campaign currently underway.

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